Typical guide for your side sleeping mattress

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If you sleep on your back, belly up, a stiffer mattress is preferable to give proper back support. Be wary of mattresses that are excessively soft as they may not guarantee proper support for the lower back area.In light of this, the most suitable material for those who sleeps supine is the memory foam that ensures excellent distribution of pressure during rest, adapting perfectly to the curves of your body.

Mattress for side sleepers

If you are used to rest on the side, you can opt for a softer mattress, so that the shoulder (an area where you concentrate most of the body pressure) can sink and you can still be comfortable. In this case you can, if you do not feel comfortable with the memory foam, choose latex as it offers a fairly rigid support, but at the same time, flexible and able to conform to the contours of your body distributing pressure in a way uniform. To achieve this kind of support, the latex mattress is a popular choice. This model, with its system, is designed to guarantee perfect distribution of body weight, avoiding pressure build-up. To get best mattress for side sleepers, this is truly recommended to test the mattress before buying by lying on it for 15 at least minutes.

Types Of mattresses

It is important to choose the type of mattress that best meets your needs, taking particular account of the position you assume during sleep. Depending on your position during the night, you will have to pay attention to different aspects while testing the mattress in the store.

Memory Foam

It is very fashionable and if comparing to the spring mattress, it provides excellent support for the back, welcomes all the curves during side sleeping. It reduces the vibration while you change the side due to its air circulation technology. Side sleepers may find appropriate mattress if they once try memory foam.

Spring mattress

If you have a limited budget this is for you. Higher numbers of springs means softer mattress. Your sleep will be more comfortable and it stays good for longer years. The choice of the mattress, on which one third of our life is spent, must therefore not be rushed or superficial, but it must be carefully evaluated to find the solution that best suits your needs.