Stages of manufacturing mattress

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Mattresses play an important role in getting a healthy and soothing sleep. Thinking how the mattresses are made? Basically, manufacturing a mattress involves a number of sequential steps. These stages are a must to be in knowledge in order to get full information about how the mattress is made and with what tools or techniques!

Making of a mattress is a job of great care and concern. Nothing can’t be left or else it would result in a bad mattress with leftover work. So, be sure to produce thebest-mattress. The whole process of manufacturing a mattress involves the following steps:

Constructing layers

This is the first stage in the process of making a mattress. Nowadays, manufacturers have emerged out with a new idea of giving the contract of carrying out the production of the innerspring unit to some outside firm or company which holds specialization in the making of springs. After the arrival of whole spring units, they are gone through an inspection round. Just when the inspection report comes as successful, the workers used their manual techniques to apply the insulator. Now, it comes the turn of cushioning layers to be fit on it which are essential for the feeling of comfort.

Linking flanges

In an advanced world, there are special improved sewing machines which help in attaching flanges on the top and bottom panels of the mattress. Along with that, hogs rings are joined to the flanges. This gives the advantage to things in order to enter the closing operation wherein the hogs rings are bound with a secure link to the innerspring unit.


Now, comes the turn of closing operation which is considered to be the highly professional and critical step throughout the whole process. It is practised with the use of a movable sewing head which mounts on a track. Then the manual feeding of the top, bottom, and side panels are performed by the tape edge operators.

This know-how about the process of making mattress will make you aware of the substances used in the whole process. At the time of buying a new mattress, make sure that you pick it from the list of top rated mattresses or else it would render your sleepy nights.